Q: What are the requirements to receive help from Community Investors?

A: Eligibility for assistance is on a case by case basis. Eligibility depends upon availability. Funding and Donations make what we do for our community possible.


Q: What help can Community Investors provide?

A: Community Investors Incorporated provides leadership training, general counseling, basic education training, and general life skills training for youth, teenagers, young adults homeless persons, elderly individuals, victims of natures disasters and adults that have been identified and labeled as at risk individuals or Welfare-To-Work participants. After school programs, tutoring and mentoring programs, computer internet access centers, guidance courses on pure pressure, drugs, domestic violence, educational classes consisting of but not limited to: writing resumes, filling applications (computerized and manual), appropriate dress and communication before, during, and after the interview and hiring process. Providing heaters, blankets, food, water, and cooling units but not limited to only these items of need. Community Investors Incorporated also provides essentials (as items become available) for the elderly and the eligible such as heaters, window air conditioning units,washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, box fans, first aid kits, flash lights, blankets, bottled water, smoke detectors, etc.


Q: Where is Community Investors located?

A: Community Investors Incorporated is located on 216 North Main Street / Post office Box 780 in Church Point, Louisiana.


Q: Is help limited to certain people and times?

A: Eligibility for assistance is on a case by case basis. Services given are by availability of funding and contributions ONLY. If you meet the requirements, but funding/contributions are not available; You may be put on a waiting list for an undetermined amount of time. Community Investors does not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, race, color, gender, national origin, religion, disability, or veteran status.


Q: What can I do to help those eligible for help?

A: DONATE! See Our DONATIONS page for items needed immediately! Along with helping the community, Community Investors Inc. also donates appliances. Your used or broken appliance could help a family who doesn't have one. CONTACT US for information on pickup or drop off before you throw it away. What you consider trash may very well be someone elses treasure! A Certified Appliance Technician will determine if your old appliance can be repaired or used for parts to repair other appliances for donation in the community. We will also be accepting paypal donations for anyone wanting to help C ommunity Investors Inc. Many people do surveys for a dollar or two that goes into a paypal account and it is forgotten about. Clicking on the paypal link will help you help us!


Q: How should I proceed if help is needed?

A: CONTACT US! We Can't help you unless we know you need help.