Community Investors Incorporated is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that assists people throughout Southern Louisiana with basic needs and educational and vocational support. The agency was started in 2005 by Nina DuPont, a native of Louisiana, community organizer and volunteer, because of the lack of services that her community receives. Since its start, the agency has helped thousands of people in Southern Louisiana through its food pantry, community technology center, and distribution of heaters, air conditioners, and appliances. Community Investors Incorporated is a valuable resource for the community, and without its programs and services, many economically disadvantaged individuals and families would suffer needlessly.
Our programs aim to help children, individuals, families, and senior citizens who are struggling or need academic or vocational help. The goal of our programs is to ease the burdens of poverty, and to prepare youth and young adults for brighter futures to end the cycle of poverty. Our programs are sustained through the kindness of individuals and local businesses, and community volunteers who roll up their sleeves and help staff our programs and events. A priority of the organization is to become strategic in addressing the area's most persistent problems of poverty and low high school graduation rates.


Our mission is critical to the well being of our community and our work must reflect the positive outcomes that make our community a better place for everyone, by focusing on the needs of people in Southern Louisiana.
The mission is achieved through three values that drive the agency's compassionate response to individual and community needs.
1. Children must have available educational supports that ensure academic and life success.
2. All people, especially young adults and providers, must have the tools and supports to create a better life for themselves and their families.
3. Senior citizens must be cared for, protected, and deserve an opportunity to enjoy their "golden years."
The mission is the reason why the organization exists, and its current and future programs and services are aligned to these values.